• DPVA Weekly Top 5 for June 21, 2011

    • Allen was against ethanol before he was for it before he was against it
      Senate candidate George Allen has never met a poll-driven position he couldn’t find a way to take, even if he held the exact opposition position not too long ago. This time he’s jumped on the “cut ethanol subsidies” bandwagon, despite having supported them when he was President, and opposed them before that.  To read more about George Allen’s “flip, flop, flip,” on ethanol, click here.
    • The Obama campaign gears up for 2012
      We’ve got critically important legislative races this year, but it is great to see that President Obama’s re-election campaign is already getting ready to win Virginia again next year. To read more about the President’s re-election bid in Virginia, click here.
    • Connolly stands up to Republican censorship
      Rep. Gerry Connolly took to the House floor last week to decry Republican attempts to censor Democratic franked mail pieces that accurately describe Paul Ryan’s budget plan as a proposal to end Medicare as we know it.  To read more about Rep. Connolly’s fight against Republican censorship click here.
    • Jamie Radtke calls the 2012 Republican primary a ‘referendum’ on the party’s soul
      The Republican primary for the 2012 Senate race is heating up as Jamie Radtke continues to make the case that George Allen isn’t nearly right-wing enough for today’s Republican party. Unfortunately, she forgets that George Allen is not particularly fixed to any particular ideological position and can easily get more or less conservative if the need arises. To read more about Jamie Radtke’s uphill climb against George Allen click here.
    • Cuccinelli advises churches on legal ways to campaign
      Some Virginians somewhere (probably not on this mailing list) may have thought when they voted for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli that they were choosing a new state lawyer to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, keep the public safe and in general work diligently on behalf of his client, the people of Virginia. One wonders how they feel about him traveling around to religious conferences offering legal instructions to churches on how they can influence elections without threatening their nonprofit tax status. To read more about Ken Cuccinelli’s political playbook for churches, click here.
  • 11th CD Annual Awards Brunch

    The 11th Congressional District Democratic Committee invites you to their Annual Awards Brunch honoring some good Democrats.

    Sunday, March 6, 2011  11:00 am – 1:00 pm
    Vespucci Restaurant
    10579 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA  22030
    map, click here

    • John Sturdivant Award
      • Honoring a member of the labor community for his/her commitment to Democratic ideals and values.
    • 11th CD Community Service Awards
      • Honoring three Democrats from the respective jurisdictions of the 11th Congressional District (Fairfax County, Fairfax City, and Prince William County) for community service.
        • The Joseph V. Gartlan Award, Fairfax County – Walt Mika
        • The Dolores Hampton Award, Prince William County – Kathleen Seefeldt
        • The Frederick W. Silverthorne Award, Fairfax City – Teddy Goodson

    Suggested Donation: $40 to help defray expenses; Sponsors: $250; Hosts: $100. Click here to purchase your ticket(s) online via ActBlue.

    RSVP to: Ginny Peters, Finance Chair, at glpeters@verizon.net. More Info: George Burke, Chair, at georgeaburke@gmail.com.

    Your contribution may be used in connection with federal elections and is subject to the limitations and prohibitions of the Federal Election Campaign Act. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect the name, address, occupation, employer & location of employment for individuals who contribute $200 or more in a calendar year.  Other contributions will be deposited in our non-federal account.  Virginia law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address, occupation, employer and location of employment for individuals who contribute $100 or more in a calendar year. Contributions to the 11th CDDC are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes.

    Paid for and Authorized by the 11th Congressional District Democratic Committee, George Burke, Chair

  • Connolly Introduces Bill To Prevent Future Oil Spills

    On June 10, Congressman Gerry Connolly introduced legislation, the Oil Pollution Environmental Review Act, that will force oil companies like BP to comply with a full environmental review before they drill offshore. The Connolly bill ensures that oil companies will never again receive special treatment when they want to drill off our coasts, and that oil companies who drill offshore cannot cut corners.

    Connolly’s opponent, Keith Fimian, subscribes to the Sarah Palin philosophy of “Drill, Baby, Drill” and “Drill here, Drill now.” He has a long record of supporting offshore drilling and believes that business, including Big Oil, should be allowed to self-regulate. And in the wake of the environmental calamity in the Gulf, he has not changed his reckless stance.

    Watch the video to learn more.

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  • GOP Cancels 11th CD Convention

    … to Shield Bickering Primary Candidates’ Views from Public Scrutiny — and Avoid a Rand Paul Moment

    Democrats Say Fimian and Herrity Taking Extreme Positions in their Race to the Right

    Eleventh District Republicans canceled their biennial Convention this weekend — two weeks before their congressional primary — to shield the public from the extreme views, bare-knuckles brawling, and increasingly nasty attacks that have marked the race to the right between congressional challengers Keith Fimian and Pat Herrity, Democrats said.

    The Republicans announced they canceled the event, which could draw more than 2,600 delegates, because "scheduling problems" precluded the appearance of either candidate at the convention and they had no races for party offices, but the chairs of the Democratic party organizations in the 11th CD had a different take.

    "In most primaries, candidates would salivate at the chance to speak to a couple of thousand party activists and throw them some red meat to win votes just two weeks before a low turnout primary," Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair Rex Simmons said. "Unfortunately, what they are saying to the GOP party faithful now is definitely not what they want to public to hear in November."

    Fimian and Herrity have been espousing extreme positions on numerous issues that are way out of the mainstream here in Northern Virginia, the Democratic leaders said.

    "These candidates want to abolish the Department of Education and turn back transportation dollars.  Those are not what’s needed in Northern Virginia as we work to protect our quality schools and find ways to solve some of the worst traffic congestion problems in the nation," Prince William County Democratic Committee Chair Pete Frisbie said.

    "The Fimian and Herrity campaigns want to run their primary campaigns underneath the radar," said Simmons. "They don’t want mainstream voters who will cast ballots in November to hear their far-right rhetoric about who is more pro-gun or pro-life, and who would refuse the most funding for our schools, our roads, and our public transit systems."

    The Democrats suspect that Republicans canceled the event because they didn’t want to draw media attention at their congressional convention to Fimian and Herrity’s extreme campaign platforms or a catfight between the two candidates, particularly in light of Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul’s recent controversial remarks in the media disparaging civil rights.

  • Re-Elect Congressman Gerry Connolly

    Congressman Gerald E. “Gerry” Connolly is serving his first term in the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia’s 11th District, which encompasses Fairfax County, Prince William County, and Fairfax City in Northern Virginia.

    Congressman Connolly serves on the House Budget Committee, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

    He is a member of two Foreign Affairs Subcommittees: Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade; and Mideast and South Asia. On the Government Reform Committee, he serves on: the Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, Postal Service and the District of Columbia; and the Subcommittee on Government Management, Organization, and Procurement.

    Prior to his election to Congress in November 2008, Congressman Connolly was Chairman of the Board of Supervisors in Fairfax County, the largest jurisdiction in the Washington, DC metro area with more than 1.1 million residents. Connolly served a total of 14 years on the Fairfax County Board, the last five as Chairman.

    As Fairfax County Chairman, Connolly oversaw an annual budget of $4.5 billion, and the 12th largest school system and the 6th largest office market in the nation. During his tenure on the Board, and with his leadership, Fairfax County earned the title of Best Managed Large County in the nation. Connolly championed an aggressive agenda as Fairfax Chairman in areas ranging from strong environmental stewardship, affordable housing and public safety to transit-oriented development, regional cooperation, and gang prevention.

    He is already earning a reputation on Capitol Hill as an expert on issues affecting local and state governments. Recently, he completed a term as President of the freshman class in the U.S. House of Representatives. In that role he served as a liaison between the House leadership and freshman members of Congress to ensure they had a voice in the legislative process.

    Congressman Connolly received a B.A. in Literature from Maryknoll College in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and a M.A. in Public Administration from Harvard University in 1979.

    After graduating from Harvard, Connolly spent 10 years on the staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where he handled numerous issues including oversight of international economic issues and policies concerning the Middle East and the United Nations.

    Congressman Connolly also worked in the non-profit and private sectors for organizations and companies involved in international trade, regulatory matters, and research.

    To learn more about Congressman Connolly’s work in Congress, visit http://connolly.house.gov

    To learn more about Congressman Connolly’s campaign for reelection, visit www.gerryconnolly.com