• 2019 Brunch Honorees

    At the 19th Annual Sturdivant Award Brunch on May 5, 2019, the 11th District Democratic Committee will recognize several members of the community for their dedication to labor and for community service.

    John N. Sturdivant Award for lifetime commitment to the Labor Community and Democratic ideas & values:
    David Broder, president SEIU Virginia 512

    Community Service Awards

    Joseph V. Gartlan Award (Fairfax County):
    Hon. Catherine M. Hudgins, Supervisor, Hunter Mill District

    Deloris Hampton Award (Prince William County):
    Monique Raulston Ratliff

    Frederick W. Silverthorne Award (City of Fairfax):
    Evangelia Ifantides

    Please join us to celebrate these amazing awardees. Buy your tickets today!

  • Sturdivant Brunch – May 5

  • Stair Calhoun recognized with 2018 DPVA Grassroots Award

    Prior to the March 2, 2019 State Democratic Central Committee’s quarterly meeting, Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker announced the 2018 winners of the DPVA Grassroots Awards.

    The 11th Congressional District Democratic Committee selected Stair Calhoun. Stair has also just recently become a member of the 11th Congressional District after her election as Vice Chair of the DPVA Women’s Caucus.

    Stair Calhoun co-founded Network NoVA in March 2017 to host the First Annual Women’s Summit. With her leadership and active participaiton, Network NoVA’s accomplishments include:

    • Hosting three annual Women’s Summits
    • Joining the Virginia Grassroots Coalition, working with the Grassroots Coordinating Committee of the Women’s National Democratic Club to adopt districts, host fundraisers, and lobby for progressive legislation
    • Canvassing, phonebanking, and writing postcards for 17 districts, including HD01 for a Blue Migration Weekend.
    • Developing the “Why Virginia Matters, 2017” concept and website http://whyvamatters2017.com/.
    • Implementing VAPLAN.us, a legislation alert network to target specific districts, reaching out to all who lost to tap into their networks and support Democratic legislation in their districts.
    • Hosting, co-hosting, or attending fundraisers for all Democratic candidates, and Senator Kaine. (Stair specifically co-hosted a fundraiser in Charlottesville for Senator Kaine)
    • Canvassing, phone banking, and writing postcards for all Democratic candidates and Senator Kaine.
    • Participated in the Democratic Rural Retreat

    In addition to her leadership in Network NoVA, Stair

    • Began a weekly post-carding group.
    • Hosted small informational meetings about redistricting reform and other civic engagement topics.
    • Hosted 19 Delegate candidates for videotaping in her home (including Wendy Gooditis, which was shown on Rachel Maddow and other places).
    • Worked with the CGV and Marcus Simon to pass legislation for the Stop Gun violence license plate.
    • Formed a non-profit, Network NoVA Action, joined Virginia Civic Engagement Table, and worked and pioneered with VCET New Activist center on how to harness grassroots groups capacity to create engagement and affect change on Medicaid Expansion.
    • Hosted and attended meet and greets for congressional candidates across the state.
    • Formed a new group, Sisters United, Learning and Working Together, which hosted a fundraiser and canvassed and wrote postcards for Vangie Williams, and will host an African American candidate forum with 90 attendees so far.
    • Joined the national nonpartisan organization VoteTogether, which works to elevate voting, and hosted a party-at-the-polls in Prince William County.
  • Q1 Central Committee Meeting Summary

    On Saturday, March 2, 2019, the DPVA Central Committee met in Richmond to decide which plan the DPVA would use to apportion delegates for the 2020 State and DNC Conventions.

    The Committee had to choose between two formulas for calculating how many delegates would be allocated to each Congressional District: one formula looked at the percentage of votes obtained by the Democratic candidates in recent elections; the other formula looked at both the percentage of votes obtained by the Democratic candidates in recent elections and the Congressional District’s population.  Here is a link breaking down the way delegates would have been apportioned under each plan: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xDLfVFD07hWDlm1IGiohZ3reqOpXWIOUcZt_0ebqkXE/edit#gid=0

    As you can see, different Congressional Districts received an advantage or a disadvantage under each formula.  Ultimately, the Central Committee voted in favor of the population formulas, resulting in delegate allocation numbers for the 11th Congressional District Democratic Committee consistent with the 2016 allocation.  Three members of the 11th CDDC voted for this plan in both votes: George Becerra, Paul Davis, and Lainie Singerman. The other 16 members in attendance voted for the plans that would have given more delegates to the Northern Virginia Congressional Districts.

    So, what does all of this mean?

    Virginia has a set number of delegates that it gets to send to the DNC Convention in 2020.  This number is determined by the DNC and includes a certain number of “base” delegates (the ones that we as Party members elect) and, on top of that, elected officials, like our Members of Congress, etc.  Now, following the 3/2/19 vote, we know how many base delegates each Congressional District gets to pick.

  • Sandra Klassen fills 11th CD Vacancy

    The 11th Congressional District Democratic Committee met November 19, 2018 and selected Sandra J. Klassen of Reston to fill the vacancy for a member from Fairfax County who identifies as a woman.